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Not Just Launched: Remodelista

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"We care (OK, we care a LOT) about design in our lives. We race to the current issues of shelter magazines. We have certain friends whose style we admire and whose ideas we’re always looking to appropriate (i.e. steal). We wake up in the middle of the night to bid on eBay for a set of Thonet dining chairs." These are the opening words of Remodelista, a— get ready for this— website about remodeling (and design, furniture, et cetera) pubbed by three last name-less editors: Julie, Janet, and Francesca. Julie hails from Mill Valley, and Jennifer, San Francisco proper; Francesca is a native, but resides in Brooklyn Heights (traitor). By the looks of it, all live in perfectly staged homes. (Right.) Here's Julie's humble abode, designed by Jerome Buttrick. Think Apartment Therapy meets This Old House, with a little Moss thrown in for good measure.
· Remodelista [website]

[Ed Note: So. A consultation with our friends over at Apartment Therapy SF revealed that Remodelista is not, in fact, a new blog. We were simply fooled by it's lack of discernible archives (!?!) and new presence on our RSS reader. Um, it's still cool anyway, right? Kind of like us. Yeah. Friday.]