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Eater Tastings: Minty Reveal, Bouchon Expansion, Washbag Shuttering

It's been a hell of a couple of days— servers shutting down, rain pouring down . . . you get the picture. Join us as Curbed SF and Eater SF as we reminisce about the week that almost wasn't.

1) Chez Papa Revealed: The Eater Spot Inspection Brigade has triumphed: Bear witness to the interior of the rumored soon-to-open Chez Papa. Overall, things are looking fairly well at Minty: Blue Bottle Coffee is humming along like clockwork, while construction continues on the (possibly maybe) future Limon. The ambiguously ambiguous Sushi Groove/ Dolce Vita/ whatever is still under wraps.

2) Keller's Bouchon Keeping on Keeping on: Progress has been made in Yountville, where chef Thomas Keller's long-awaited Bouchon expansion has, in fact, begun. Expect a brief closure next month for the wrap-up.

3) Washbag Washed Out: Favored Herb Caen hangout Washington Square Bar and Grill suffered a sudden and unfortunate closure this week, effective on January 1st. Noted the friend of an employee who received a proper (and kind, we hope) firing on New Year's Day: "It's too bad - I know Guy and Rose poured their hearts into that place." Our condolences.