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Lawyer Forgets Ear Plugs at Ferry Building, Files Suit

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Weekend Warriors who frequent the Ferry Building (for the farmer's market, not the wine bar— yes, we know) are most likely acquainted with John F. King II, the street performer whose incessant pounding on a rather impressive set of plastic buckets-cum-drum kit drives some local residents nearly mad. As luck would have it, one of them happens to be a lawyer. Might we sugest that William McGrane of McGrane & Greenfield law firm loosen his necktie by a nudge or two? He recently filed a $100,000 claim against the city and county of San Francisco as restitution for his "inability to practice" (law, we hope) during King's sessions. "The San Francisco Port Authority's ("Port Authority") negligent failure to maintain Harry Bridges Plaza has resulted in an ongoing nuisance that unreasonably interferes in claimant's, a Ferry Building tenant, right to quiet enjoyment," says his claim. "The nuisance at issue here effectively makes it impossible for claimant to work while Mr. King 'performs' ." The city denied McGrane's claim, obviously. He elected not to appeal, and so the band plays on.
· Lawyer: Street Performer Cost Me $100K [Legal Pad]

[Image courtesy Legal Pad]