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Port Workers, Funding Threatened Over Building Height Limits

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You gotta hand it to Supervisor Aaron Peskin: He'll really go the extra mile to get his legislation through — like say, lying to and intimidating municipal workers. Peskin has been accused of threatening the jobs and the funding of officials at the Port of San Francisco because of a disagreement over waterfront building height limits. The bill in question would have allowed the struggling port to build developments that exceed current height limits. Of course, Peskin's constituents would have to (gasp!) look at those developments from their Telegraph Hill towers. So begins his unorthodox campaign against the Port. We're pretty sure there's a forum for this type of dispute and it's not a late-night, vaguely threatening drunk dial to Port executive directors.

Critics of the allegations against Peskin find it convenient that they're coming to light just as the mayor is being criticized for his budget-wrangling. Sure, Peskin is one of the loudest voices against the mayor's financial moves, and let's say this is more than coincidental timing. To quote Mr. Peskin himself, "Payback is a bitch."
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[Aaron Peskin avec bike helmet courtesy the SF Bike Coalition]