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Thieves Close the Temple in The Haight

Residential, commercial, ecclesiastical— churches seem to be as hot a commodity as any other space in San Francisco. (Non-believers might wish to consult yesterday's case in point). Residents of the Upper Haight may have noticed the scaffolding on the Hamilton Church at 1525 Waller St. Word on the street— Haight street, to be exact— is that there was some money-changing in the temple, as it were. A misuse of funds contributed to the closing of the church, whose future is now uncertain — especially considering that there's no longer a congregation. The structure is also leased by the Haight Ashbury Food Program, but they're losing funding as well and have had to drastically reduce services. The three months left on their lease will be honored, but nothing can be promised beyond that. Currently undergoing cleanup and renovation, the United Methodists may re-open the church as a neighborhood rec center or some other community building enterprise.
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