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Buyers: Trust "John Doe" Property Listings?

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While rummaging through MLS land this morning, we turned up this listing for 650 2nd St #604. The pitch:

Huge 1920's NY style conversion loft. Top floor. One large living level with stunning finishes. Newly refinished maple hardwood floors. New paint. Granite counters. Large master bath with walk-in shower. Stainless steel appliances. Large kitchen island for entertaining. Halogen lighting. Twin Peaks and ATT Park views. Roof deck easement. Skylight. Large storage room with Cal Closet system and side by side washer dryer. Walk-in master closet with Cal Closet system.Great. Or enough so that we'd consider a look, at least. However, this exterior shot of the building is all we have to work with visually— no interiors whatsoever. Pic-free listings seem to be common on the MLS, no? And so we wonder: Are these mysterious posts intended to entice buyers as such, or is their elusiveness actually a desperate ruse? A bit of both, maybe. Pop quiz, would-be buyers:

And agents, your insight is much appreciated, too. Why do you choose to omit pics, anyway?