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Haight Street Nabe Takes on Recycling, Drugs, Gutter Punks

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Nabe group HANC, or the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council is (still) up in arms over the recycling center at the corner of Golden Gate Park; residents contend that folks living on the street (hello Haight Street punkafarians) pose a threat to the nabe by rummaging through locals' bins and swapping found cans and bottles to fuel raging drug and alcohol habits. (And yet the Haight Street fair is cool. Open-air brownie trafficking gets a pass?) Haight and Inner Sunset neighbors are at odds about the issue: some see it as a non-problem, claiming that the HANC jumped the shark along time ago, while others remain fearful when taking out the trash at night. Naturally, the complaint is being passed from city official to government agency and back again— gotta keep that dodge ball moving, after all— and so the debate carries on, unsolved.
· Haight neighbors recycle anger about homeless [SF Gate]