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Local Tricksters "Dedicate" Coit Tower Stairs to Dead Austrian Music Legend

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80's pop icon Falco has been honored with a (very cheap looking, imitation brass) plaque, recently installed on the staircase leading to Coit Tower. "Falco?" you say, perpetual loser of the the Trivial Pursuit that you are. Falco, dummies— the Austrian hip hop/ punk/ rock star or, as Wikipedia characterizes him, "one of the first white rappers with commercial success." Seems that a staircase was dedicated to Falco in Vienna, his motherland, following the performer's death in 1998. (Says Boing Boing: "Apparently the city was unable to find a street or bridge named after a dead fascist which could be rededicated.") Following initial speculation, SF interventionists claimed the act. The instructions for the "mission" were as follows: "Vandalize cleverly. Go beyond simple graffiti and do something extra special."
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