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Moving Out: A Collection of Last Straws

Self-described "writer, thinker, and designer" Derek Pawazek Powazek and family are beyond over their nabe— he, his wife, and the most irresistible pack of chihuahuas ever are moving. Now. Why? Derek's comedy skit of a list, entitled "A Collection of Last Straws" puts a finer point on it: "The never-ending parade of crappy downstairs neighbors, including the ones that could sleep with their TV blaring, the one that was learning how to play electric guitar, the ones that grew pot, the ones that played thump-thump-thump music at 3am, and the ones that laughed at me when I went downstairs to ask them to please keep it down at 1am on a Tuesday." And there's more. [This is Derek Pawazek Powazek]