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Lennar Drops Green, Grabs Hunters Point

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Hell bent? Yes, hell bent. Lennar, the Miami-based developer, is set on securing the go-ahead to overhaul the Hunter's Point Shipyard and Candlestick Park and lure the 49ers back into residency. We know this. What might be new news, however, is the amount of green — $625,000 in the past year ($113,000 during January itself) that the corporation has dropped on a team of Olympic hopefuls whose names leave no doubt as to the relationship between politics and big business: Eric Jaye, Newsom's chief political strategist; Roberta Achtenberg, former SF Supe and now CA Board of Trustees Chair, and spin doctor Sam Singer. That Sam Singer— the one hired by the San Francisco zoo to spread the good word on vodka bottles and sling shots. He characterizes the lineup as a "political dream team."

Supervisor Chris Daly is not having it at all— he is lashing out publicly against Lennar, accusing the developer of making a greedy "land grab" for the Bayview/ Hunter's point area; the contract would include a new stadium, as well as industrial and commercial spaces, parks, roads, and sewers. Though the city-backed Lennar plan allows for 25% of affordable housing sprinkled around the new stadium, Daly's measure calls for 50% of new units to be available for purchase or rent by those earning 30-80% of the city's income. Many consider this economically impossible from a development standpoint. Though they remain in the minority, it is nevertheless worth remembering that some adults do still believe in Santa Claus.
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[Plan of Bayview/ Hunter's Point courtesy SF Gov/ Lennar Corp.]

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