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Rentals en Route to SoMa. No, Really.

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Scheduled to open in June 2008, 766 Harrison Street is yet another contemporary residential building in SoMa. But there's something different about this one...what is it again? Oh right — The 98 studio units will be rentals. Rentals! In San Francisco! And with a convenient location right between a Whole Foods and a Mental Health Service Center, no less— it doesn't get any more "SoMa" than that. Each unit will come stacked with stainless fixture in concrete countertops, 8 data ports, in-floor radiant heating, and natural stone finishes in the bathroom. Not bad, 766. Not bad at all. Other perks include a planned ground floor cafe, 5 parking spaces for residents to fight over, and a public roof deck. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.
· 766 Harrison [TBC Properties]

[renderings via The Baumeister Collective]

Whole Foods

2001 Market St, san francisco, ca