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Satan's Lair For Sale: 6118 California Street

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6118 California Street units A and C are ready to "show/sell immediately" (at $1,268,000 and $699,000 respectively). Why so fast, pray tell? Until 2001, the parcel now burdened with this exercise in architectural ingenuity instead hosted the Black House, personal home of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey. When LaVey (a.k.a. the "black pope") purchased the Vic in 1956 it was owned by one of madame Mammie Pleasant's "girls;" it soon became global H.Q. for the Church of Satan, where LaVey went on to perform forty years' worth of hijinks, including the Satanic baptism on his three-year old daughter in 1967 (involving a nude, heavily-breathing Priestess, appropriately enough) and the raising his 500-pound tiger, Togare. LaVey lost ownership of the Black House in 1991 during a battle with his estranged wife/ High Priestess; real estate developer and friend Donald Werby purchased the property and allowed LaVey to live out his final days in the house. Following his death and a web of complications involving his Satan swag, lawsuits, Werby's sex offenses— you name it— the church was razed in 2001. And so here we are. Boing Boing's David Pescovitz hopes that a rich Satanist buys the building and paints it black in a homage to LaVey. Entirely probable, we think.
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[Image courtesy Boing Boing]