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Shocker: Don Fisher Wins CAMP Go-Ahead

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Don Fisher has effectively paid his way into the Presidio Trust, and nobody's even pretending otherwise: today's Chron reports that Fisher's plans were chosen over those of the Presidio Historical Society, citing a lack of funding as one of the latter's downfalls. Fisher, on the other hand, will personally fork over funding for lease of the land and construction of the Gluckman Mayner-designed Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio (CAMP). As a means of staving off protesters consolation prize to the losing party, no doubt, the Presidio Trust will also set aside $5M to develop a "history and visitors center" at the Presidio's Main Post.

Special bonus feature: Don n' Doris will also kick in $10M in pocket change so that the Presidio's asphalt Parade Ground may be replaced by lawn and a "promenade." Please excuse us while we dig out our debutante gown and drown ourselves in sweet tea.
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