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On The Market: Seize the Smokeshop

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Someone's liquidating their empire of 5 corner stores in the Inner Sunset, and near Ocean Beach. Starting from $75,000, this is your long-awaited reasonably-priced (?) chance to Carpe Smokeshop. The ads don't specify if the prices are for just the businesses or the actual property for sale, but we're gonna go ahead and guess business side only. So what are you waiting for? This is the " opportunity of a lifetime" to own your very own "immaculate corner liquor/grocery," "one-of-a-kind liquor store," or "turnkey smoke shop." Oh, and buyer? We're expecting a Curbed SF discount.
· $75000 Great Business Opportunity [Craigslist]
· $95000 Turn key cigarette/smoke shop [Craigslist]

Ocean Beach

1000 Great Highway, San Francisco, CA 94121