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Adventures in Advertising: Pacific Cannery Lofts do Facebook

Facebook's advertising capabilities have been has been quite the talk of the blogosphere lately: many companies fumble the ball spectacularly, hilariously, even. It's hard to get down with the interweb, isn't it now? Though we're feeling just a bit skeptical of whether the advert will increase sales or not (noting Facebooks changing, yet still pretty damn young demographic) we applaud Oakland's Pacific Cannery Lofts for making a good collegiate effort. The Lofts' media team even boats their own blog— and one that actually functions as such, no less, keeping a low profile (Blogger interface) while delivering updates on local goings-on penned by a fleet of contributers. Marketing and PR firms, take heed: this is a blog, and this is how it works.
· Pacific Cannery Lofts [website]