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Primary Elections: Bond to Fund Park Upgrades, Detract From Issues

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Next month, San Francisco residents will be voting on a $185 million bond dedicated to funding park improvements. We're all for a greener (literally) SF and this sounds like a no-brainer, but as with most things in our fair city, there are those who aren't happy with the proposed bond. If approved, the majority of the money will be allocated to 12 specific city parks. Supports of smaller local parks criticize the "bones that were thrown" to neighborhood parks. This amounts to $5 million, which seems like it could buy enough bones to please even the dogs of Duboce Park; until, that is, we consider that there are over 200 parks in the city and the recent minor renovations to the park will cost close to $500,000. So yeah, maybe the critics are right to be upset, but its a start. Oh, and while we know this'll be the hot issue on the February ballot, don't overlook the smaller matters— like say, the Presidential Primary.
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