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John King Does Not Like the Soma Grand

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No, he really does not. Not at all. SF Chron architecture critic John King dealt a brutal blow to the Soma Grand condominium tower on 1160 Market Mission Street, deeming the behemoth a "wet blanket at billboard scale" before dismantling its design paragraph, by word, by punctuation mark. (And no, John's review was not written as part of a Curbed SF initiation rite.) While we concede on many points, Soma Grand's marketing ploys have amused us as much as they do King. (Allow us to refresh your memory with this, the "Player" marketing campaign pasted around SoMa a few months back.) If King & Curbed haven't sufficiently convinced you of their genius, please see this YouTube interview with Chip Conley of Joie de Vivre hospitality, the hotelier hired to provide guests with luxury items such as "customized turndown service" and access to "lifestyle providers" who walk dogs, teach yoga ... whatever "services" you need.
· Soma Tower: Grand it ain't [SF Gate]

[YouTube vid courtesy YouTuber KK&C]

Soma Grand

1160 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103