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Construction Watch: 10th and Mission Condos to Come

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A reader recently inquired about the corner of 10th and Mission Streets: "Does anyone have any insights as to what is going on at 1390 Mission (@10th), former sight of the illustrious King Diner??? Construction continues through to Jessie St and runs the entire span between 9th & 10th behind the Furniture Mart." And we have an answer: by August of 2009, expect to see the above vision in glass and concrete; 136 "lower income" units, as they're described, will occupy the 200,000 square foot building, designed by Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz architects and Kodama Diseno. Retail space (with a youth recreational playpen thrown in for good measure) will occupy the ground floor along 10th street. Open spaces— we're thinking interior courtyards and such— are also promised, as is parking. There, now you know.