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Peace Will Have a Chance at Alcatraz

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And here we truly believed that if we just shut our eyes tightly, covered our ears with out itty, bitty paws and spun around in circles for a few minutes, it would simply go away. But then twenty-thousand of you voted for it, so now we're forced to confront it. What's "it"? As SFist reminded us today, ItProposition C— is real. Very real. And it's here to stay, too: A resolution that calls for the transformation of Alcatraz into a "Global Peace Center" run by the Light Party is on the election ballot. You know, the Light Party— that new-agey, bad-website-having cult group of peace-loving San Franciscans whose goal is to counteract the island's negative vibes with calmer, better, and no doubt holier-than-thou ones. Specifically, said peace will be conjured by the Harmonium a visionary planetarium of sorts whose Holodome ™, Holosound ™, Starcouch ™, and Digistar™ technologies will help bring in da noise (and da seizures) with their various sensory-stoking capabilities. Given Alcatraz's stature as a national historical landmark, Day and Company would have to smoke up congress in order to have their plan passed. As SFist Jon said "[proves that] people will sign anything if shoved in front of their face by some hippie dude in front of Safeway." Well put.
· Give the Peace Center a Chance [SFist]

[Image courtesy Daniel B. holeman/ The Light Party]