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Curbed Inside Update: Chelsea Park

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The photog cameth to Chelsea Park, just before Saturday's broker tour. Contractors were still tinkering and stagers sashaying about, but we still managed to snap a few money shots for eager buyers all. Deets: The miserable weather (be damned) has knocked out all hopes of landscaping for the moment being— stand by on that one. Otherwise, the Bloomsbury building (19 Oakwood Street) has been released; others to follow. Three units arrived on the MLS today, ranging in price from $1,269 (3 bedrooms, 2 baths), $899,000 (2 bedrooms, 2 baths). and $741,000 (1 bedroom, 1 bath). Highlights include: kitchen cabinetry— best in show thus far, we think— the bathrooms (no Holiday Inn tile violations here), and sustainable flooring (African Ikoro wood floor, not bullshit Bamboo). And the tour marches on . . .

A very sobriety-inducting set of stairs lead to the second floor, where the following shots were captured like a butterfly in the wind.

Living room, duh.

Bedroom, obvs.

Many girls are confident enough to be seen without makeup. This is one of them.

Cabinets by M8 cabinetry; customizable finishes, auto-closing doors. Satin finish granite throughout. Nice range, for those of you who deign to cook.

Very well done, if we do say so ourselves.

Walkway between units; note that privacy wall will be built. Voyeurs need not apply

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