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Sixth Street: 2008's Comeback Kid?

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Goooooo Sixth Street! C. W. Nevius's one-man pep rally in yesterday's Chron suggests (or daydreams, for the cynics) that despite the odds, Sixth Street still has the potential to turn itself around. Nevius drops his pom-poms during the first play though, remembering once avoiding the area by driving a visiting friend along an elaborate route through the city. Team morale: not boosted. Following a half-time announcement that the city will, in fact, recruit the Hugo Hotel for Team Eminent Domain (before trading it to the Affordable Housing League), the rally resumes as planned: since 2002, the city's Redevelopment Agency has made grants available to businesses brave enough to move to the area. Turnover has been rather high, however— 12 of 32 new storefronts have closed since 2003. Nothing a couple of cartwheels and a roundoff back handspring can't fix, says Nevius, having managed to scrape up one future business owner willing to remove the gates from his storefront. "Touchdown!" screams the Downtown Outreach Program from the warm safety of the bench.
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[Image of the Hugo Hotel courtesy Flickr photo Dawn Endico]

Hugo Hotel

200-214 Sixth Street, San Francisco, CA