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Hipsters Brave Market & Octavia Intersection, Oppose Righthand Turns

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Now we're used to dodging helmet-less hipsters in the Mission, racing them to the power outlets in cafes, and even (admittedly) admiring their legging/ boot/ scarf getups from time to time. Yesterday, however, we came across a rare breed of hipster— a model for hipsterdom, even: one willing to place himself square in the middle of the 101 on-ramp at Octavia & Market while hoisting a sign bearing the slogan "Right Turns are Wrong." If the aforementioned scarf and jaunty umbrella are any indication, this gentleman protester (we mean it— he was nice), along with his (equally genteel) buddy, are members of the San Francisco Bike Coalition. What was the occasion for such tomfoolery, you ask? Last Monday, after a man was seriously plowed by a car making an illegal turn onto the 101 from Market Street, the Coalition called for an 8 a.m. rally in support of Assemblywoman Fiona Ma's AB23 bill.
If passed, those traversing the intersection will be videotaped by a cluster of traffic enforcing cameras— you know, the kind that captures the Kodak Moment we've all starred in while making a "California Left" at a red light. An all star line-up kept safely to the curb while our brave crusaders took to the intersection; Ma, Supes Bevan Duffy, Chris Daly, and Ross Mirkarimi, as well as Senator Carole Migden were all present and accounted for, as were several TV crews. The bill passed by a landslide at last week's State Assembly meeting. Next up: the State Senate. Best all around to bikers, peds, and politicians alike.
S.F. street may have cameras installed [ABC News]