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Construction Watch: The Millennium Grows Set of Fins

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Says Handel Architect's website:
"The tower's exterior design creates the impression of a translucent crystal. Delicately detailed and taut in character, the exterior incorporates a variety of glass and metal fins to craft a sense of lightness and transparency." We don't know about "lightness and transparency," but as the fins go up, it's clear that they'll have a big impact on how the building is perceived from street-level. viewed from straight-on, the tower facade looks like any other glass high-rise in the area. From an angle though, it becomes nearly opaque. Postscript: Handel Architect's former copywriter is looking for a new position. Publishing credits include: "Chicken Soup for the Poet's Soul," Cosmo, OK Magazine, and Dwell. Any and all help will be much appreciated.

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Millennium Tower

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