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Daily Craig: Last Week's Renters Throw Party, Invite Curbed SF Readers

Reach deep into your memory bank and last week's renters, who posed the following challenge to their prospective tenants: "It’s raining outside and your lonely and for some reason we’re not home. You have six feet of ¾’ polyethylene tubing, a cup of rice and ductape you decide to make _________ ." Remember these folks? Well, after receiving an overwhelming number of responses, the household has decided to turn the open house into an all-out party. And we're invited— all of us. Tonight. Says landlord Joe: "The activities remain unchanged; double dutch if weather AND light are permitting, Beat Happening as background noise, and various swarthy beer and wine beverages. If people on Curbed are very desperate for a place they can come and have the same chance as everyone else.... But they have to respond to ad before they come. Where is the fun without a little testtt?? People get extra points if they have a watercraft of some type." Good god, y'all. See the ad for details.
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