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The Week in Craig: Marketing 101

What is up with Craigslist this week? The unbridled display of creativity— and lack of marketing know-how— both confused and entertained us. Wednesday saw some party people posting for a "roommate" (read: someone to bump n' grind with). We learned a lot about this household; except for what the room actually looked like. But as a commenter pointed out, if you're looking to party, it probably doesn't matter anyway.

Just a day later, three different roommates were hoping to fill a closet... with a fourth person. For only $385 per month! But first, prospective tenants must answer a series of challenge questions. Our favorite: "It’s raining outside and your lonely and for some reason we’re not home. You have six feet of ¾’ polyethylene tubing, a cup of rice and ductape you decide to make _________ ." Whoah.

And finally today, some aspiring chefs are looking to fill their kitchen space — but again, they don't actually show the kitchen. Instead, we get Sushi. Very large photos of plastic plates of sushi. At first we thought maybe this was an ad for one of those "underground kitchens," but the mention of $500 seems like it would scare away any potential diners. So if you're looking for an off-site kitchen currently occupied by what we're going to assume are sushi chefs, perhaps you'll want to lease some room in this Mission district space "per negotiated time, and time is negotiable."
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