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Greener Than Thou: City Rides Solar Tide

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Greener Than Thou is our report on San Francisco’s obsession with all things green, calling bullshit in the poseurs and lavishing praise on those who have secured their place in environmental paradise. Let it mellow longer than most? Holler!

Carbon neutrality here we come. In an effort to meet the ambitious energy goals of the city San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) — they of giant new green building fame — have completed a new 121 kw ("1.21 jigawatts!") solar electric installation. Installed on the Water Department’s 20,500 square foot warehouse roof, the "SolarSave® Membrane System" integrates into the actual surface of the building roof without the use of framing or additional reinforcement. Why wait until 2020? Let's slap these on every civic building in the city and just bask on our green laurels for the next 12 years.
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[image via stellar energy]