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BART Riders Get East Bay Lockers

East Bay bicyclists get all the breaks. First there was the new path on the Bay Bridge Eastern span, which is good for...going to Yerba Buena Island to, fireworks? Anyway, now, at a time when most bike plans in San Francisco are now on hold awaiting the mythical EIR, there's more bike news coming from the EB this week with the expansion of the BART station locker program. By this coming July, 200 new electronic bike lockers will be installed throughout East Bay Bart stations and there are already 400 people on the waiting list for the lockers. Luckily, these lockers don't work like the current ones, which are rented by the year to individuals— whether they're using them or not. Instead, key-cards will be used to open an unoccupied locker, allowing for multiple users. Benefits include an increased bicycle storage capacity at BART stations, shorter waiting lists, and a hopeful reduction of solo drivers to BART stations. Love 'em or hate em', the number of Bay Area bikers is on the rise and area govs seem to be responding — albeit slowly — to this fast-growing demographic.
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[bikes on BART via flickr photog zacc.AWB]