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Holy Hyperbole: Geary Boulevard = Berlin Wall?

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Geary Street pedestrian bridge. The Berlin Wall. Pedestrian bridge. Berlin Wall. Pedestrian, Berlin . . . logical connection there, right? And yet we are truly oppressed by that overpass. Haven't seen our friends in years. You? Supe Ross Mirkarimi will not be fenced in by the Geary Boulevard arterial— you know, the overpass where one may endure a Godot-like wait for the elusive No. 22. No, he damn well will not. “Geary Boulevard has been the invisible Berlin Wall that’s separated Japantown from the Fillmore,” he has said about the overpass, which city planners hope to raze and redesign during their overhaul of the Japantown area. New traffic signals and pedestrian crossings will be installed while streets will rise to ground-level. We're sure they'll be some landscaping scattered about, too— anything to rid the area of its "sketchy" feeling (as Better Neighborhoods project leader Rosemary Dudley describes it). West side, here we come.
· City may topple Japantown’s ‘Berlin Wall’ [SF Examiner]