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North Beach Divided: Some Stand Ground, Fear Future

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Following on the heels of Tuesday's article on the subject of North Beach NIMBYism and blatant hatred for frozen yogurt, we were wondering why, exactly, the Chron's C.W. Nevius filed what is essentially the same piece twice. No new news here— except for North Beach Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Marsha Garland's blatant (and absolutely shocking) disregard for the law. It turns out that not only does Marsha heart the Pottery Barn (and— just admit it, Marsh— the Marina) she also doesn't give a Fk whether Yul Kwon obtained his permits while Red Mango had only four franchises or not — even if he can prove it. "I don't really believe that," said Garland. And if it were true? asked Nevius. "I'd still fight it," claimed Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.

No shame in that game, eh? Planning Commissioner Mike Antonini has jumped into the ring, warning that regardless of whether the permitting process lead to Kwon's failure or not, the NB should be a little more judicious about the message its sending to San Francisco and beyond. Long time NB landlord Richard Hanlin sums it up: "They wish it was still 1950. Well so do I. In 1950 I had hair and could lift 400 pounds. It ain't coming back, folks." Is this nabe going to hell in a (alcohol and fro-yo-free) hand basket or what?
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