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MilkWatch: Harvey Braves the Rain

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This just in from a intrepid, and obviously waterproof reader:

Here's a shot of what's going down on 18th right now. Gus Van Sant is hardcore. It's pouring down absolutely pouring down rain, and yet crews are crawling all over the building, painting the marquee. Makes me nervous just to watch. Across the street, two guys are hard at work on some serious decorative painting— they're restoring Toad Hall's facade to look like it did back then. Somebody bring these boys a coffee! Oh, and let your readers know that the Glass Coffin will still be open during filming. I was a little worried there for a minute.

"Impressively enough, the painters are working from this photograph of the old school Toad Hall. It's taped to the window, and it looks like the place might even be open for business."