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Recap: "City of the Future"

[IwamotoScott in action; image courtesy Curbed SF Flickr pool member whatimseeing]

Following Sunday's post on the History Channel-sponsored "City of the Future" contest, we promised a peek at the work of the seven other firms who competed for the title.* But before we go there, let's give IwamotoScott their due: The SF HYDRO-NET, provides the critical infrastructure for the firm's vision, as it organizes above and underground flows in the city— for instance, hydrogen-fueled hover cars may travel through its arteries, thus relocating high-speed traffic from the city's streets.
HYDRO-NET also collects, distributes and stores fresh water; its walls are constructed using "carbon nanotube technology," encouraging the growth of the algae ponds that provide hydrogen (also collected and stored within the net). Porous pavement sends runoff water to the membrane, as does the sewer, fog, and any other moisture-producing element. Let's wrap up with the final line from the firm's proposal: "Ultimately HYDRO-NET sponsors new programmatic potentials in its underground nodes and above-ground tendrils, while allowing much of the character of above-ground San Francisco to be preserved and evolve organically." Love it.

And seven remained . . . [Note: We can give a peek to those who missed the event, but we can't fully represent all of these projects, obviously; please visit each firm's site.]

Firm: Pfau Architecture
Award: Runner up; IBM Outstanding Technology Innovation Award

Firm: Fougeron Architecture
Award: Runner-up; Infinity Innovative Design Award
[Fougeron architecture image courtesy whatimseeing]

Firm: Gelfand Partners Architecture

Firm: Kuth Ranieri Architecture

Firm: IF Architecture

Firm: SLOmobility Architecture

Firm: Anderson Anderson Architecture

· CurbedWire: IwamotoScott Wins "City of The Future" Challenge [Curbed SF]


lead designers: Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott
project team: Sean Canty, Chris Chalmers, Andrew Clemenza, Manuel Diaz, Ryan Golenberg, Wei Huang, John Kim, Charles Lee, Stephanie Lin, Dan Sullivan [Ed note: Cassiano Bonjardim was inadvertently omitted from this list; all apologies.]
special thanks: Christina Kaneva

*Please Note: For what it's worth, we're sorry for breaking the Tuesday promise on this one; let's just say that our laptops betrayed us yesterday.