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WW49D?: Daly Takes on Gavin, Lennar Corp., Friday's

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Starting today, Supe Chris Daly will collect signatures— at least 7,168, he hopes— of local residents who, like him, oppose the Newsom-backed Lennar Corp. building plan at Candlestick Point/ Hunters Point Shipyard. Designed to help lure the 49ers back on home, 10,000 new homes, along with a new stadium, retail and the usual all-American glut of parks /clubs/ T.G.I. Friday's will occupy the area, 25% of which will be designated "affordable." Daly, along with his supporters, want 50% of said units to be made available to those whose incomes meet 30-80% of the median. (Newsom's plan doesn't legally require jack shit in the way of requirements, Daly claims.) If Daly can help it, his oppositional bid will join Lennar's on the June 3rd ballot. Lennar's people have called the measure a "poison pill," citing the unlikelihood that a commercial builder could accomplish such a project at 50% below-market rate. Even homies Aaron Peskin and Jake McGoldrick have abandoned their main man on this one. Affordable housing, T.G.I. Friday's . . . WW49D, people? What would the 49ers do?
· Daly starts Candlestick renovation initiative [SF Gate]