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Richmond Stops Starbucks, Protestors Left Without Cause

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Aw, look. All of that bitching and moaning paid off! Following a flurry of complaints from the very likes of y'all, Safeway has put the kabash on the Starbucks kiosk inside of its Cabrillo and Seventh Avenue store. Even more delightfully, Safeway has admitted— on paper, no less— to having never applied for the permits to open it in the first place. Safeway prez Karl Schroeder claims that the building and planning departments only recently decided to require a conditional use permit for the Kiosk. City Planner Mary Woods calls that a "stretch," as the department approved a Safeway— not a Safeway and a Starbucks. In a "fine, we don't need you anyway," brush off, Starbucks issued the following statement: “Starbucks is a welcomed presence in many other neighborhoods in San Francisco, where we’ve proved that we’re good neighbors.” See, McGoldrick, Starbucks can play nice when need be.
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