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Berkeley Hayes Valley Extension Redesign Approved

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Hayes Valley will soon be Hayes Vally-er, as the San Francisco planning department has approved the redevelopment of the historic UC Berkeley Extension at 55 Laguna. The mixed-use development includes housing, retail, a 10,000 sq ft community center at the corner of Haight and Laguna, and a 20,000 sq ft privately maintained, public greenspace. Despite the influx of affordable housing, the huge park, and new space for (explicitly stated) non-chain retail, some people still aren't happy with the plan. Preservationists, as is their nature, are up in arms over the destruction of two existing buildings on the campus— which unfortunately includes the oldest of the 5 structures on site. It probably doesn't help that the property was just this month listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Politic'n aside, curious about the breakdown and design?
There will be 428 new residential units, 328 of which will be multi-family units. 20% of these multi-fam units are planned as affordable housing for those earning no more than 50% of the average bay area income. So what is that these days, $250,000? ($45,000 actually.) And of course, no new development would be complete without planned LEED accreditation.

· SF Planning Commission Approves UC Berkeley Extension Project [Berkeley Daily Planet]

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