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City Dumps Cash into Public Restrooms

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A San Francisco Public Toilet— such as the surrogate crack den at the 16th and Mission BART station— costs $356,000, reports SF Weekly. And that's the average: restrooms like those in the Panhandle run for a bit more, at $531,219. Seriously, WTF? Larger facilities in other cities cost much less, from $210,000 in Chicago to the $312,000 heated johns in Denver. So what gives in San Francisco? Thirty-five of these incredibly expensive restrooms were included in Prop A, our beloved Parks Bond, at a cost of $11.4 million. These funds don't pay for the toilets alone, however. They also cover the replacing plumbing & electrical systems and exhausting hour of precious, precious time spent attending planning meetings with neighborhood groups. So really, this is all your fault, local activists. Off to 16th Street you go.
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[A solution to this problem via flickr user Random Tony]