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Roomie Needed at Van Ness and Union: "Pics Included"

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We try not to indulge too much in one of San Francisco's favorite hobbies: bashing on the Marina. But this listing feeds right into the nabe's frat-tastic stereotype. Our hand has been forced— we must do the morally "right thing" and dispatch the Curbed SF carrier pigeon to deliver the following memo to this Animal House:

Dear house mates, Our question is an obvious one: would you like to fill the empty room in your Animal House, or would you not? Because if you'd like to secure a renter, you might consider being even vaguely strategic about it. Or at the very least, include pics of the actual room in question, and not the egregiously douchy scenario depicted here. We're looking out for your best interests, trust us. Always glad to help, Curbed SF· $1100 Includes utilities, HUGE 15 x 18 Room, great roommates (marina / cow hollow) [Craigslist]