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CurbedWire: Peskin to Ban Alcohol, Screw With Zoning Map

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NORTH BEACH— Word on the street is that District 3 Supe Aaron Peskin is close— as in, the hearing is tomorrow close— to banning the sale of alcohol in North Beach altogether. [Ed note: for future businesses only, to be crystal clear.] Oh, and to re-zoning the area in order to increase the enforceable area of said ban. Who's got the inside on this one? Perhaps our tipster— the following just arrived in the CurbedWire inbox (emphasis ours):

"So get this.... Peskin has outdone himself: He snuck in the legislation banning all future businesses of any type from selling alcoholic beverages. Most people call that prohibition. This means no liquor licenses (already under strict restrictions), but it also means no beer and wine sales (as they widen control, and set a dangerous precedence), period."

"Oh, and there's a 5 year sunset provision too, and if that wasn't enough, they're quietly amending Section Map SU 01 of the Zoning Map to extend the North Beach business district an extra quarter mile at each border, so this newly created "North Beach Alcohol Restricted Use District" will cover as much ground as possible, while redefining North Beach. The proposal in Section 785, and 786 tied North Beach with a similar, but less restrictive proposal for the Excelsior even though those two districts have entirely different histories, and needs. A similar moratorium already went in for the Lower Haight, so this means 3 neighborhoods could be banned from any new sales of alcohol of any type.

We all know how much the food service industry depends on alcohol sales. We also know that crime only thrived under prohibition. So how do these neighborhoods revitalize themselves under such restrictions? In the case of North Beach, a neighborhood zoned for night life, that means the city is stuck with it's current selection of bars, and restaurants, and landlords are stuck waiting for yogurt chains...oh wait. No worries, Peskin also changed the wording, and usage of North Beach in Section 786, redefining the
character, as it becomes a restricted use district. The Department of Planning will go through the formality of a hearing tomorrow, Thursday the 24th."

Case 2007.1266 TZ (Board File No. 07-1464)

[Image courtesy sfwillie's blog]