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This Way Up: Nabe Opposes Douglass Steps Addition

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Sucks to be the Gashi's. The family— mother Cathy, her husband, and their 12 year-old son, and 2 year-old daughter— have outgrown their 1,000 square foot home at 20th and Douglass Streets, in the Castro. The only way to go? Up. However, their tiny abode happens to sit along the widely loved Douglass Street Steps. According to the current plan, their only legal option, the Gashi's expansion project will add 30 feet to the height of their home— and block views of the Castro theater and the nabe's symbolic rainbow flag. Enter the neighbors, en masse. (Note to self: do not fuck with the Castro.) Quoted in a Bay Area Reporter article on the subject, longtime local resident James Hollenbeck's statement hints at a larger consensus: "To think that the heart of San Francisco is going to lose the view of the Castro is devastating to me." While some have no problem with the proposed construction, over 200 locals have signed a petition against the plan; concerned parties have until the 25th to file an official opposition with the city. Otherwise, the Gashi's will receive an automatic green light. Or they'll be stalled out, wait (forever) for a planning hearing, and ultimately face the risk of being priced out of the city. Twenty-two: caught.
· Neighbors oppose home addition near revered stairwell [Bay Area Reporter]

[Photo and rendering: Tony DeYoung and Joe Metro, via the Bay Area Reporter.]