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Fun With Litigation: Buyers Take To Suing at Will

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Seems like this "buyer suing agent/ developer/ appraiser/ what have you" trend is truly taking off— see the case of one Marty Ummell, the former San Francisco resident who "feels she paid too much" for a house she and her husband purchased in San Diego following their retirement. Like our friends at the Metropolitan, Mrs. Ummell has elected to sue her agent, claiming that in order to secure his $30,000 commission he conveniently failed to mention that other homes in the area were selling for less. Mike Little, veteran ReMax agent and defendant in the case, is arguing that the Ummell simply failed to do her homework; the couple moved in sight unseen, and only began raising hell after an RE flier landed on their doorstep, thus tipping them to their loss. The New York Times chronicles the whole mess today; the trial begins on Monday before the North County Superior Court. (We'll be very interested in seeing how the ball drops on this one.) In the meantime, Ummell has thrown herself into full-on activism, picketing the ReMax office every weekend. Piece of work! Or, as Little says "a nut job." “I do not think I’m obsessive-compulsive, but I am 114 pounds of absolute perseverance,” says Mrs. Ummell. Break out the Xanex, Mr. Little, 'cause here she comes.
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