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Work in Progress: SFMOMA Sculpture Garden En Route

After much hullaballoo then much delay and a little intra-firm drama, SFMOMA is finally ready to start construction on a new sculpture garden. Design by architect Mark Jensen of Jensen & Macey Architects Jensen Architects, the minimal yet materialicious addition to the museum includes a glass and fabric pavillion and black lava-rock walls. In the architect's own words: "SFMOMA’s sculpture garden will be an integral part of the Museum’s sequence of galleries. It will be an extension of the Museum, not a remote cul-de-sac. The garden is a gallery without a ceiling that can be curated." This integration will partially be accomplished by blasting out the back wall of the fifth floor and replacing it with a panoramic window, providing views of the garden from the interior gallery. Three Ginko trees will help break up the large plaza and improve the memory and concentration of the museum staffers. Construction kicks off next month, so take note: that pile of rocks you'll see isn't a Smithson or Goldsworthy — it's progress.
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[Image courtesy Jensen & Macy Architects Jensen Architects]