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Greener Than Thou: Carbon Neutral By 2020?

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Can San Francisco be completely Carbon Neutral by 2020? The Mayor thinks so, and he's started a cleverly-named org to see the plan through. SForward (How do we say that, "SF Forward?" "S Forward?" "S Fword?") includes in its scope all key city departments and agencies — the MTA, Department of Public Works, Recreation and Parks Department, et cetera, et cetera. In a press conference this weekend, the mayor preached:

San Francisco’s environmental future is already unfolding. When fully realized the San Francisco of the future will be a place where words like ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ are meaningless, because it will simply be understood that any action includes best practices for the environment.New strategies include expanding carbon offset offerings and solar programs, breaking into peoples homes and changing their light bulbs, and many measures designed to get San Franciscans out of their cars — a shared-bike plan, expansion of car-sharing programs, and the completion of the controversial Central Subway project. Wishful thinking? Survey says: yes.
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