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North Beach Story, Part Deux: Nabe Rallies Against Fro-Yo Chain

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"Happy Tuesday" we thought to ourselves upon logging in to the Curbed SF inbox this morning— when a foreboding missive entitled "North Beach Story: An Aside" greeted us there, we knew some drama was brewing in the NB. Confirmed: The nabes has raised arms once more against retail chains— frozen yogurt chains, to be specific. Sound familiar, anyone? It appears that former "Survivor" champ and swoon provoker Yul Kwon has deigned to (attempt to) open another fro-yo shop in North Beach. The catch: Red Mango, as it's known, had only four outlets before Kwon applied for permits to build at 517 Columbus Ave. (Read: it was not a retail chain). However, with 11 shops across the country at the moment, Red Mango is now considered a "formula retail" location— 7 is the max; after that, a biz crosses over into chain territory. Kwon's permits have since been pulled, and he's now left paying rent on a half-completed construction project. Nice. Supe Aaron Peskin handed down a typically brilliant (and doubly Freudian/ xenophobic) statement on the matter— emphasis ours: "It doesn't matter if he's the Shah of Iran or the winner of 'Survivor,' " quoth the Peskin. "The law's the law's the law."
NB Chamber of Commerce director Marsha Garland also delivered a round of commentary; revealing an equally discriminating sensibility— again, emphasis ours: "There's a place for everything," Garland said. "For example, I like Pottery Barn. I'm glad there's one in the Marina. But I wouldn't want one in North Beach. We don't want chains in North Beach." We'll wait and see about that one.

It's not nearly over yet: Today's Chron paints Kwon as a model citizen— Yale Law, one of People Magazine's "Sexiest Men" in 2006— who (prepare your WTF? 's) was recently mentioned as a possible candidate for Tom Lantos' seat in the 12th Congressional District. Step to that, nabes. ('Cause we know you will.) "You may be good-looking and a 'Survivor' winner," said Peskin, "but surviving the chain store wars is a little different." Worry not, Yul Kwon— as our mom would say "he's just jealous."
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[We've only just begun: Cover image courtesy the LA Times; note that the article details the consumer loyalty war between Red Mango and Pinkberry. Holding ...]