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Update: Eater SF Weighs in on North Beach Ban

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Who better to throw fuel on the fire than brother Eater SF? Waxing poetic on North Beach's latest fro-yo skirmish, Eater SF engages in an exceedingly democratic pro/ con debate on the issue. Should the stop order on Red Mango's permits cease, thus bringing more fro-yo goodness to the block? Pro, says Eater SF: "[The owner is] a bit of a hunk. He was named one of People magazine's 'Sexiest Men' of 2006." ... and suddenly, the argument for frozen yogurt looks rather thin. Con: "Since filing for the permit, there are now upwards of 14 locations nationwide, with another dozen in the works, which puts Red Mango beyond the chain designation by a longshot." [Eater SF]