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CurbedWire: IwamotoScott Wins "City of The Future" Challenge

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[Oh yes, we did bet on the right horse. Team IwamotoScott collects a cool $10K as the crowd goes wild.]

It's official: IwamotoScott Architecture, headed by principles Craig Scott and Lisa Iwamoto scooped up $10,000 today as the winners of the History Channel-sponsored "City of the Future" design and engineering challenge. Eight of San Francisco's hottest firms competed for the title, sweating it out in a three-hour model building sesh that culminated in a fifteen-minute presentation to an esteemed panel of judges. We can not even begin to imagine the number of X-Acto-related injuries sustained in the process.

Curbed SF also nominated IwamotoScott for the Most Heartwarming Moment Ever award as their entire team scrambled to the stage en masse, squealing like banshees along the way. Note that most of said team was made up of students— Scott and Iwamoto, who operate out of their Mission loft, recruited a small army to help them complete the project. (Iwamoto is a design lecturer at UC Berkeley, while Scott is an associate professor at California College of the Arts.) Full deets on the party come Tuesday, promise. Breath: bated.

Well played, IwamotoScott.

Teaser! Here's a close-up of IwamotoScott's model for their visionary project, which incorporates an imagined "SF Hydronet" as a means of organizing the flow of Hydrogen throughout the city. More on Tuesday, for sure.