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The Kids!: Muni Substation to Rescue Fillmore Youth

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The Fillmore district will be saved, yo: The Muni substation at the south end of the Fillmore Jazz Preservation District (at the corner of Fillmore and Eddy Turk streets, to be exact) will soon be overhauled into some sort of housing/ jazz club/ save the kids-type venue: the city's redevelopment agency has forked over $3.5 million for the retrofit, and has given developers until February to submit proposals for the space. The city is hoping for a jazz club for younger musicians. We, however, predict a high-end grocery store with an 18-and-under hiring policy, an Adidas lifestyle store, and a Sony outlet manned by zoned-out 12 year olds with deformed thumbs: If developers can finangle their way around affordable unit laws, why not community service, too?
· City looks to jazz up historic building site [SF Examiner]

[Image courtesy SF Examiner]