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CurbedWire: Wednesday Rebound Edition

Recap! Can't keep an iron man down, as they say, and so we bring you a couple of items we missed due to today's Y2K8 rapture-a-thon. Notice any notable goings-on in your nabe? Send 'em through the CurbedWire. Until tomorrow . . .

OUTER SUNSET—The San Francisco Zoo will be reopening tomorrow, with the tigers hidden away in a safe exercise space where they will presumably have limited access to potential victims, vodka, and sling shots. They'll stay in their new safe zones for about a month while new security barriers are installed in all big cat grottos— signage, loudspeakers, what have you. These new barriers will be designed by CA Architects. The local firm was responsible for not only the new Grizzly Bear exhibit, but also the revision to the Zoo's overall masterplan.

GREATER METRO AREA—OK, so there's this little problem in San Francisco— we've nicknamed it "housing crisis." If the glut of phalli tall-taller-tallest buildings rising above the city's otherwise diminutive skyline are any indication, middle class— hell, upper middle class— just isn't enough to make it around these parts (assuming that all citizens aspire to reside in One Rincon Hill, that is— can you even imagine?) 2007 saw some serious market tankage, folks are foreclosing left and right— "subprime" was the word of the year, people. And yet the interior design scene is still booming like The Gong Show? San Francisco, we're giving you until tomorrow to work your shit out.