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2108: Architects Envision SF

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Local firm Pfau Architecture has been busy lately. First we heard about the new SPUR building, then The Friends School, and now on this Sunday they'll be competing to redesign the San Francisco...wait for it...OF THE FUTURE. "City of the Future: A Design and Engineering Challenge" is a competition organized by the History Channel with the goal of expressing how new technologies and clever architecture could save our city in the face of the looming apocalypse. In a no-holds-barred, winner take all, architectural battle royale, six teams will be asked to build a 3.5-by-7-foot model of their proposal for a new San Francisco. It's an often lamented fact that San Francisco's contemporary architecture falls short of astounding, so stop by the Ferry Building this Sunday to get a glimpse of what the city could be if creative minds were given free reign. Anderson Anderson Architecure, Iwamoto Scott, Kuth Ranieri Architects, Fougeron Architecture, SLOMobility, IF architecture, and Gelfand Partners Architects will also participate. The winning entry will be built in 100 years. (Ok, we might've made that last part up.)
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