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Whole Foods Zapping Potrero Hill Small Biz

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Looks like Whole Foods Potrero Hill's Honeymoon is over: The latest issue of The Potrero View claims that the luxe grocery retailer has nicked sales numbers at local businesses. As SF Metblogs so elegantly puts it, the Harrison Street outlet offers the usual idyllic glut of specialty foods (but no Saran wrap, Brillo pads, or non-abrasive toilet paper) plus, as SF Metblogs so eloquently puts it, "lifestyle crap" like yoga mats and overpriced La Cruset pots (impulse buy!). Now that the glow of newness has passed, some businesses are recovering, aparently. Some say that the presence of a larger chain or two can provide the bait for shoppers, thus drawing in business for local consumers. Maybe not so much in Potrero Hill?
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