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So. We caught this one on Craigslist, and thought to ourselves "What the hell kind of listing is this?" A preemptive strike on a future pocket listing or some other form of hijinks? Captain Anonymous claims: "Starting in May, I'll have 3 One bedroom units at the Infinity for rent." Pictures of the (furnished) units are promised for next week. Units range between $3,500— $5,200, with three paragraphs' worth of gushing, exclamation point riddled praise for the building. LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION!!!

Granted, we are so not brokers, but as of last week walkthroughs weren't even complete; first move-ins are scheduled for February 1st. An estimated 20% of the building remains on the block, even. And we're renting already? Somebody? Anybody?
· $3500 / 1br - INFINITY! Live @ SF Best New Development! Location + Parking! (SOMA / south beach) [Craigslist]

UPDATE: We thought that the following reader comment warranted a move to the post: "I don't think your [sic] even allowed (per purchase agreement) to rent your unit in the Infinity for the 1st year. I know for sure your not allowed to sell your unit in the first year. Does anyone else know?"