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Eater Tastings: Kuletoville, Blue Bottle Revealed

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It's Friday, folks. Round 'em up! Watch on wistfully as Eater SF and Curbed SF gallop off into the sunset (and directly toward happy hour).

1) Name of the week: Pat Kuleto. Place of the week: Kuletoville, San Francisco, U.S.A. Ferry Building weekend warriors will notice a change: fences surrounding the project are down, the surrounding plaza is open, signage is up, and the openings of Kuleto-run Waterbar and Epic Roast House are imminent— January 29th, to be exact. Brace, Charles Phan.

2) Blue Bottle has called firsts on Mint Plaza— they'll be open within a week; Wednesday just might be the day, actually. Our Minty is coming together quite nicely, actually: Chez Papa is en route for an early February debut at 414 Jessie Street. Sushi Groove is definitely out at 54 Mint, Dolce Vita is officially in, and Limon is still caught in the rumor mill as future resident of 418 Jessie.

3) In a marketing maneuver of groundbreaking proportions, Cajun resto Boiling Crawfish opened its doors in the Sunset with the signage from the previous restaurant left intact. That's right, Ha's Chinese has gone Cajun. Also notable: a quizzically early 3 p.m. opening time and hand drawn "help wanted" sign— scribbled in crayon by a child, that is.